Tas economy will survive without mill premier, says chief economist, AAP

Tas economy will survive without mill premier, says chief economist, AAP

Published 11:30 PM, December 18, 2016

MANILA, Philippines – There is little political consensus among economists as to whether the economy would thrive without President Rodrigo Duterte.

Philippine Economy Secretary Wilmar Mendoza was asked by a group of economists at a panel discussion on the economy on Tuesday, December 18, whether President Duterte was making a credible case that the economy can survive without him, after former Philippine Stock Exchange (PSX) CEO Oscar Tarello resigned on Monday night, December 15.

The former PCE vice president was asked during the discussion if there would be any benefit to being witjarvees.comhout Duterte if the economy was not growing at an 8 percent annualized pace. (READ: Tarello: When was the Philippine economy supposed to ‘crank up’?)

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Mendoza responded that there was no clear argument on whether a market economy – that is, an economy run by government – was a better model to implement than an open market economy.

Instead, there were multiple reasons, one of which was that no one was looking to run an economy on a closed market because of the volatility of currencies, said Mendoza, who earlier this week said that the peso had “gotten a little too sensitive”.

“It just is a model that doesn’t appeal to the international markets,” he added.

Economist Richard Alarcón also answered Mendoza’s question on whether he saw any difference between running a country on an open market with an official government or바카라사이트 being part of a market economy run by the government. He explained that it depends on whether there’s a mandate and whether the government has a clear, credible economic management plan, which can create long-term, sustainable prosperity.

“If there’s no reason for why the economy will not grow, and if that growth is not based on government policy – that’s a big win for the economy,” he said.

Mendoza said a credible economic management plan is not someth우리카지노ing that “you do in a short period of time”. Rather, it is a program that “the government puts into place, and that will take a very long time.

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While his answer did not give an indication that the economy would fail, he said there were some things that politicians may want to chang

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